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Scottish Games Week needs you!

We’re on the hunt for speakers to join us for the first Scottish Games Week which runs from October 24th to the 28th. We would like to invite you to share your suggestions for speakers, panel participants and workshop hosts from all backgrounds for two of our events:


More Than Games (Barclays Campus, Glasgow)

This is something entirely new. A games conference for non-games creators. We want to make games relevant to the rest of the world. From fintech to film, from healthcare to education, More Than Games will show the transformative power of the tools, technologies and techniques created by video games.

We’re looking for speakers and participants who are working in areas which use and explore new ways of applying or experiencing games regardless of background, sector or role. We want to find the most exciting, innovative and original uses of games from speakers across Scotland – and around the world.


SGW Industry Conference (Malmaison, Dundee)

Exploring the reality of the global games market in 2022, the SGW industry conference will feature everything involved in designing, creating, playing, and publishing games across all platforms. 

Rather than specific ‘tracks’, the conference will feature five broad themes – DESIGN, BUILD, GROW, LEARN and PLAY, which can be interpreted by speakers and participants however they wish.


Both events offer space for 30-minute speaking sessions or panel discussions. We’re also open to ideas for more ‘creative’ sessions which can involve the audience more directly.

Scottish Games Week has been created to highlight and showcase the incredible creativity and technical expertise in Scotland’s rapidly-evolving games ecosystem, and to demonstrate the potential of the sector to the country’s digital and creative economies. Space on the programme is limited, but we want to ensure that speakers and participants from every background are included. If you think there’s someone who has an interesting story, a new perspective, or something that should be shared – let us know.

Scottish Games Week is supported by the Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund.

If you would like to nominate a speaker please email:

Scottish Games Week is supported by the Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund. 

For the latest updates, more information about Scottish Games Week and to purchase one of the strictly limited early bird tickets, visit Citizen Ticket.

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