The Future is in our Hands: YAHAHA and the Power of UGC

As Scottish Games Week draws closer, we want to highlight the generous sponsors who have made the event possible. Today, we’ll be taking a look at YAHAHA, Gold sponsor for the event, and a company that is delivering world-class user-generated content (UGC) experiences for players.


Creation as Democracy


Scottish Games Week is a celebration of the industry in Scotland, past, present and future; YAHAHA Studios has its eyes firmly set on the latter of the three. Founded in 2020 by a team of ex-Unity veterans, the company’s goal is to create a “no-code Metaverse”; a virtual world where users can contribute, and create great experiences for one another, without the technical skills that tend to serve as barriers to enter such endeavours. 


The key word here is “Empower”; YAHAHA has created a set of tools that are easy to use for anyone. The YAHAHA platform gives all users the power to create and enjoy a huge range of experiences in its virtual realm. This is a big step in the ongoing construction and definition of the Metaverse, and one that, crucially, puts people and players first. 


The YAHAHA Mission 


YAHAHA is an easy-to-use social entertainment Metaverse that supports participants to create, publish, share and play 3D content and games. On a mission to democratise 3D content creation, YAHAHA is available for creators of all levels to use, no matter their level of experience or knowledge. With an ever growing library of assets, YAHAHA now has over 120,000 recognisable assets on the platform to support its users to expand their levels of creativity.

David Mullich, Director of the critically acclaimed Heroes of Might and Magic III says “I find YAHAHA to be a great platform for quickly and easily transforming my designs into playable games. It is also a valuable tool for enabling game design students to create professional-looking prototypes without first becoming adept in programming language. Anyone who is interest in game development can leap into YAHAHA, I would definitely recommend you try it out!” 


The Next Generation of Entertainment 


This philosophy of encouraging everyone to create, is central to YAHAHA, and is rooted in everything the team does. The company’s COO and Co-Founder, Pengfei Zhang, aims to develop a global community where everyone is accepted and has a sense of belonging.

YAHAHA hopes to create such a community, and judging by its success to date, this will definitely be accomplished. 


To Be Continued…


Keen to know more about Pengfei Zhang and his bold take on the Metaverse? Then you’re in luck! This article is the first of three we will be running on YAHAHA, and will be followed next week with a full interview with Pengfei himself, discussing his personal journey and the importance of UGC to the future of gaming. We hope you’ll join us then!

You can learn more about Scottish Games Week, and buy tickets to the various events, here.

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