Learn the Secrets of a Successful Startup with Zappaty

As Scottish Games Week draws near, the number of excellent satellite events available alongside the main events continues to grow!


The next of these is a workshop from Scottish Games Week sponsor, and highly successful Scottish startup, Zappaty, titled “How to Build a Multi-Million Valuation Company When You’re Broke”.


Knowledge is Power 


Presented by Co-CEOs John Thornewill and David Stickland, the workshop will consist of a 1-hour presentation, followed by a 1-hour Q&A session. The duo will discuss their journey with Zappaty, a tools provider helping Unity developers collaborate on projects, and the lessons they’ve learned on building a company from nothing.


This is a great opportunity to gain deeper insight into the often-arcane world of starting a business, covering tricky subjects such as finding funding sources, creating a pitch deck and speaking to investors. It’s a must-attend for any aspiring games studio heads, or anyone with the ambition to build something of their own!

The workshop will be held at the DundeeOne co-working space on the Dundee waterfront, from 14:00 – 16:00 on Wednesday the 26th of October. Tickets are free, and are available here.

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