Ping Creates Revealed as Sponsor for Scottish Games Week 2023

Ping Creates, a Stirling-based design studio specialising in digital services for clients in games and beyond, has joined Scottish Games Week 2023 as an official sponsor. From publishing games to providing a range of for-hire services, Ping Creates is proud to be part of the Scottish games scene and delighted to be sponsoring events across the week. 

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Software development is a complex beast at the best of times, and with every successive hardware generation a new set of moving parts is grafted onto the side, making the process challenging for companies that lack the experience to tackle it head-on. This is where Ping Creates steps in, filling the skill gaps in with a diverse suite of for-hire services.

These include full-service, marketing, bespoke app development and web experiences, animation and writing services, and fully-fledged game development. With a reputation for always delivering to the highest standards, Ping Creates has worked with the Scottish Government, the BBC, Historic Scotland, Friends of the Earth and The Royal Scottish National Orchestra on projects ranging from historic information apps to animated classical music players.

In addition to their client work, Ping Creates develops and releases its own games for iOS and Android, including TIGA and Scottish Games Award 2023 nominee Super Stretchy Chicken Legs. Also available on the App Store and Google Play are Nugget Run, Nugget Tumble and Peekaboo Planet, with interactive storybooks There’s a Crocodile on the Roof currently in development. The studio’s extensive experience both in and around games makes them an ideal fit for Scottish Games Week. As Jason Wagner, Ping Creates CEO, puts it:

“Scottish Games Week is the calendar event for anyone with an interest in the games, creative and tech industry. You get to rub shoulders with a fantastic range of international speakers, and with the chance to play the latest titles from some of the best studios in Scotland, it really is an absolute blast. It’s not to be missed!”

Jason will be putting in an appearance at the Industry Conference portion of the event, as part of a panel discussion titled ‘Powering Up Scotland & The UK’s Game Development Ecosystem.’ This session, which also features Jordan Hastings of Astrodreamer Studio and Brian Baglow, Director of the Scottish Games Network, will discuss the present and future of game development in Scotland, and how taking an innovative approach, such as the Ping Creates multi-discipline for-hire model, can help developers position themselves in an ever-shifting games landscape.

Scottish Games Week 2023 will run from October 30th to November 3rd. You can get your tickets via Citizen Ticket here.

Free expo space for indie developers is still available. Secure your area now.

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