Speaker Spotlight: Elena Höge

As the hype for Scottish Games Week threatens to whip the entire population into a frenzy, we want to turn things up a notch by previewing some of the brilliant speakers who will be putting the capital E in our various Events!


Next in our Speaker Spotlight series is Elena Höge, Founder and CEO at Yaldi Games! We sat down with her in advance of her appearance at our More Than Games event to chat Scotland, the Metaverse, and the future.


Briefly describe your company, and your role within it:

“I’m the founder and CEO of Yaldi Games. We’re a mission-led developer creating games that inspire real life activities.” 


How did you get into games, and what’s your current role?

“Before founding Yaldi Games, I studied Design & Digital Media in Edinburgh and then worked briefly as a Game Design freelancer. Since starting the company, I am responsible for Biz Dev, Funding, Game Design, Marketing and Community Management for our debut title: Wholesome Out and About.”


What can attendees of the event expect from your presentation?

“I will give authentic insights into my journey of creating games as a force for good, and my vision for transmedia and the Scottish ecosystem.”


What do you think makes the games scene in Scotland so special?

“We have great Universities pushing talent into the market, as well as a good network of funding (though it could be better). With the Logan report and a stronger focus on Tech growth we could see an acceleration of the startup ecosystem that hugely benefits the Scottish games industry.”


Where do you see the games industry in general heading in the next 5 years?

“I think there is a strong drive towards sustainable development and longer support for released titles, close to GaaS. With the Metaverse trending, there can be more opportunities for games to become transmedia, with more and more brands seeking representation within games. There should be a better infrastructure between games (and game studios) to share content amongst each other, to unlock the true potential of the Metaverse.”

You can catch Elena’s presentation at our More Than Games event. For more information on Scottish Games Week, check out our website.

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