Speaker Spotlight: Mick Cooke

As the buzz around Scottish Games Week reaches record highs, we want to turn the volume up even further by giving you a sample of the fantastic speakers who will be appearing at our events!


Next in our Speaker Spotlight series is Mick Cooke, Founder and Composer at MakeFire Music! We sat down with him to discuss his SGW presentation, and his journey from Belle & Sebastian to the big leagues of Scottish gaming!


Briefly describe your company, and your role within it:

“MakeFire Music is an audio company specialising in music-focussed audio for video games. I’m the Founder and main composer.”


How did you get into games, and what’s your current role?

“I got into games back at the start of everything, with a ZX Spectrum! As a kid I was into video games and music. I pursued the music side, and ended up in a BRIT-award winning band, Belle & Sebastian. Then I ended up writing music for cartoons (Zack & Quack, Bitz & Bob, Sesame Street: The Nutcracker). My current role is bringing my wealth of experience in the music and animation industries to the games industry, to make awesome audio for games.”


What can attendees of the event expect from your presentation?

“A discussion of where we’re at in Scotland with games, and how we can do better business. As a relatively new company, we certainly have views of what’s needed to help everyone level up. And there are lessons to be learned from the animation industry.”


What do you think makes the games scene in Scotland so special?

“It’s small and friendly, and extremely creative. I’m loving being a part of it!”


Where do you see the games industry in general heading in the next 5 years?

“I think things are going to go big in Scotland. We’re witnessing the Rise of the Indies. Watch this space!”


Mick will be speaking at our More Than Games event. For more information on Scottish Games Week, check out our website.

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